Beat the Heat: 8 Tips for Revitalizing Your Business This Summer

The best business strategy is one that lets you adapt your company to the unique challenges that each season offers. Whether the summer is your busiest or slowest time, you can use the season to revitalize your game plan. This means sprucing up your website and marketing, planning for future purchases and taxes and much more.

Treat Yourself and Coordinate an Outing

Check in with your goals for the business year and reward your hard work. This can be a vacation, an ice cream party or even that new microwave for the breakroom. One of the most common ways to breathe some life into a company is to create a fun activity for employees. This can be as easy as a raffle for brand swag or as complex as a pot-luck family barbeque.

Create Promotional Offers and Try a New Strategy on Social Media

The summer months seem to drive more foot traffic into the store to beat the heat, you can take advantage of this by developing new promotions themed for the season. Social media is quickly growing as a marketing tool that really shows off your company culture. A new strategy can look like starting a new account for the business or even starting a contest for your current followers.

Meet With Your Tax Advisor and Plan Large Purchases

Checking in with your tax professional on a regular basis can help make sure that you are on track for your next filing. He or she can also help you plan large purchases and factor them into your taxes. A key part to your business strategy is how and when to buy the large equipment pieces that you need to improve your company before the holidays.

Update Your Website and Grow Your Audience

You can use the summer to do some scrubbing of your website. Wipe it clean of outdated content, shine the visuals and even get the grime out of the layout. Cleaning up your webpages can help you grow your audience, so can your social media strategy and grabbing email addresses from the increased summer foot traffic.

A winning business strategy needs to be addressed and refined on a regular basis. A good way to improve your company is to listen to the needs of your community in each of the above areas. You can do a lot of work towards building and maintaining this plan during the summer, especially since a much of it can be done from your air-conditioned office.


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