Use Your Equipment to Get the Capital You Need for Your Business

Did you know that you can use the equipment you already own to get capital for your business? TGI Brooks Capital’s finance experts can assist you with the equipment financing process. Use the money to pay vendors and employees, purchase new inventory, remodel, advertise and much more.

How It Works

Equipment leasing allows you to sell your business-related electronics, software and even heavy machinery to a company and then lease it back for low monthly payments. This process gives you the lump sum you need to keep your business running without causing you to use the essential items you need to produce your services or products.

Who Uses It

All types of businesses, including established companies and startups, can use our equipment financing options. Sales and lease back programs are available for companies in any industry, and we offer a government and municipal program for a range of entities.

  • Armed services
  • Federal government agencies
  • State agencies
  • Libraries
  • Firehouses
  • Police departments
  • Public schools

Benefits of Financing

Equipment leasing offers several benefits, including that it is an excellent choice for companies that do not have a high credit rating. The application process is quick and easy, typically taking only 24 hours for approval and less than a week for you to receive your capital. Funding is available for up to $500,000, and applications for $150,000 or less do not require financial statements. Repay the loan and take back ownership of your equipment in as little as 84 months and do it for little to no down payment. This method of financing also has tax advantages and preserves your existing lines of credit. We’ll even repair and upgrade your equipment while you’re leasing it back, meaning you don’t need to worry about it becoming obsolete.

To learn more about our sale and lease back program for your business, contact TGI Brooks Capital today. We’ll help you begin the application process.