Medical Financing Helps You Keep Your Practice Up and Running

Retail establishments and restaurants aren’t the only businesses that need working capital. If you are a dentist, doctor, veterinarian or another medical professional, your practice requires capital to pay employees, keep equipment up and running and ensure your offices are thriving. TGI Brooks Capital offers a variety of healthcare financing options to meet your needs.

How To Use Your Capital

You can use your medical financing capital in a variety of ways.

  • Traditional Uses: Many people use their capital to pay people, upgrade offices and purchase new equipment.
  • Leasing Options: Instead of purchasing equipment outright, you can also lease your medical equipment so that you have more capital to meet other needs.
  • Debt Consolidation: Do you have a variety of monthly payments, due at different time and with different interest rates? Our loans allow for debt consolidation so that you make one low payment each month and no longer need to keep track of several debts.
  • Practice Acquisitions: Perhaps you need to buy out a partner, or maybe you want to merge with another practice. Our practice acquisition loans allow you to do just that.

Terms and Conditions

Medical financing from our professionals are available for up to $250,000, and we never report our loans to personal credit bureaus. Loan terms are available for up to 72 months with no upfront payment required.

Are you ready to see what healthcare financing can do for your practice? Get in touch with the team at TGI Brooks Capital.