A Merchant Cash Advance Gets Your Business Capital Fast

Sometimes, you need cash fast to keep your business up and running. Other times, your company is a seasonal one that often finds itself in need of a few extra bucks during the off season. When it comes to those in-between times, a merchant cash advance from TGI Brooks Capital can help.

How They Work

The application process, which is quick and simple, asks a few questions about your company. Upon approval, we’ll provide you with a loan of up to $200,000. Then, instead of having a monthly payment, you repay the loan by providing us a percentage of each of your credit card sales. We accept payments from most major cards.

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover

This is an excellent choice for people who do not have perfect credit or do not want to take out a loan that requires a long application or a high interest rate.

Advantages of Cash Advances

A merchant cash advance offers several other benefits. Upon completion of the application, you will receive your funds within seven business days and often much quicker. Spend the money on anything you like, including advertising, new equipment, inventory or even paying employees. Advances do not require collateral, fixed payments or application fees, and there are never any closing costs.

Do you think a merchant cash advance may be right for your company’s needs? Contact the finance experts at TGI Brooks Capital. We’ll help you start the application today.