Meeting Your Order Fulfillment Needs With Purchase Order Financing

Is your business a new startup, in the middle of a seasonal sales spike, or experiencing growth that’s hard to keep up with? If so, and you need short-term financing to fill orders, a solution may be purchase order financing from TGI Brooks Capital.


Whether you’re a distributor, producer, reseller, wholesaler, or importer/exporter, if you need to pay your suppliers up front, we can help. We are skilled in production finance for letters of credit for import/export transactions, work in process, and domestic trade purchases.

The Process

The process is simple: We loan you the needed funds by paying your suppliers directly. This allows you to fulfill your orders and invoice your customers. When the customers pay their invoices, you close out the funding line with us.

The benefits of obtaining purchase order financing from TGI Brooks Capital include the following:

  • Get flexible funding quickly – even if you’re experiencing poor cash flow.
  • Fulfill large-scale orders in a timely manner
  • Make timely customer deliveries, which can result in repeat orders
  • Grow your business without sacrificing equity or adding long-term bank debt
  • Expand the share of your market, thereby increasing your profits

Getting Started

Contact TGI Brooks Capital today to start the purchase order financing process. Our experts will help you get the working capital you need so you can focus more on your business and your customers.