Flexible Financing for Your Business

TGI Brooks Capital wants to help you grow your business. We offer a wide variety of flexible commercial finance options for small and large companies alike. Whether you need to purchase new equipment or construct your business from the ground up, our trained professionals can help you find a finance option to meet your needs.


While each finance option has its own rules and regulations, financing basically involves borrowing money that you pay back at a later date. The amount of money, how you can use it and how much interest you pay depend on the size of your business as well as the type of loan you take out. Our professionals can sit down with you to ensure we find the best business loans to help you build your company and keep it running smoothly.

From business loans through the Small Business Administration to heavy equipment financing and franchise financing, we are ready to help you find the option that best suits you. We also offer the following:

Fix and Flip Loans

Unsecured Business Lines of Credit


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