Come Work With TGI Brooks Capital

At TGI Brooks Capital, we are always looking for referrals of any type. To maintain an excellent symbiotic relationship with brokers, we reciprocate referrals for every repeat client we have. If you are interested in working with our broker and referral program, we offer many benefits to entice you to join our team.

Benefits of Working With Us

Because we value our relationship with brokers and referrals, we strive to create an excellent working environment to appeal to skilled brokers. There are many benefits of working with us, including those listed below.

  • We fund a wide variety of agreements for projects of any size
  • We offer excellent commissions and referral fees
  • We have the resources to allow you to work from anywhere
  • We provide funds for clients as quickly as possible
  • We are dedicated to growing your career and enriching your future
  • We offer protection such as immediate payment after closing and upfront fee disclosure for brokers and referrals
  • We provide you with the opportunity to work with a highly-skilled team of individuals

Qualifications For Working With Us

Because we believe that strong client relationships are important, we are committed to bringing brokers onto our team that share similar values. If you possess the qualities listed below, you could be an excellent addition to our team.

  • Motivated: You strive to succeed in every responsibility and accomplish every task you are given
  • Organized: You have the ability to guide clients seamlessly through the sales process
  • Friendly: You have an outgoing personality that puts clients at ease and helps solidify relationships with them
  • Funny: You use humor to help clients feel comfortable with you
  • Confident: You believe in your abilities to perform your duties quickly and efficiently

Contact Us For Career Opportunities

If you are looking for work with a fantastic financial company that is dedicated to providing our clients with the best service possible, contact us today for more information.